1. Have I told you latelyHave I told you
2. Country as a boy can be Country as a boy can be/Tush push
3.I just want to dance with youJust wanna dance
4.Speak to the skySpeak to the sky
5. Love you too muchChill Factor/Give it up/First Step
6.Johny B. Goode Johny Be Goode
7.Bad moon risingBad moon on the rise
8. Six days on the roadThe shadow
9.Oh lonesome meLonesome me
10. Mexican windMexican wind
11.Ain't got nothingChill factor/Got nothin
12. Bob to meElliotís dream
13.Jailhouse rock medley Jailhouse Creole
14.Have you ever seen the rainHave you ever seen the rain
15.If I said you had a beautiful body.....Body in motion
16. Route 66The Shadow/Get your kicks
17. Sunday morning coming downJoanna/Threestep Boogie
18.My special prayerMy special prayer 
19.Hey Baby , que passoCaliente
20.Walk of lifeStray Cat Strut
21.Ride the riverRide the river
22.Hookin' upHookin' up
23.I never gonna fall in love Fall in love
24.I leave a light onSingle waltz / Four your memory
25. Born to be blueMaverick Blue
26.Ticket to heavenTumbleweeds
27.Bare essentialsBare essentials
28.My kinda musicYou must be joking/My kind of music
29.A man around hereKill the spiders
30.Some beachSome Beach
31.A cowboy and a dancerEnchantment
32.Me and you 
33.Boogie woogie queenBoogie Woogie Baby Jill
34.Lord help me be the kind of personLord help me
35.Stumblin' inStumbling in
36.I walk the lineThey walk the line
37.Ella's waltzHeart of an angel/Ella's waltz
38.MargaritavilleBlue Rose /Shakatak/Cha cha party/Sway
39.Save the last dance for meSway / Darlin', save the last dance for me
40.Working man bluesWorking man blues
41.Silver wingsSway/Silver wings
42.Boot scootin' boogieBoot scootin' boogie
43.Laid back 'n low key Low key
44.Memories are made of thisJust a memory
45.Out the doorThere's the door
46.Sweet Little LizaSweet little Liza
47.Blues about it babyBaby blues
48.Twinkle twinkle lucky starLucky star sway
49.Home to LouisianaHome to Louisiana
51.You're gonna miss me when I'm goneYou're gonna miss me
52.As long as there's loving tonightWinners & losers
53.High class ladyMy new life
54.Feel freeFeel free
55. Rock and roll is KingRock and roll is King
56. Rolling alongRolling along
57.Heaven in my woman's eyesHeaven in my woman's eyes
58. Neon moonNeon moon
59. Guacamole16 Steps
60.Mr. WrongMr. Wrong
61. Someone must feel like a foolFeel like a fool
62. One more song to write 
63. I knew the bride Rock and roll bride
64.Don't you wish it was trueDon't you wish
65.Designated drinkerA piece of the  pie/Designated drinker
66.Who were you thinking offA good looking stranger/Caliente
67.Just when I got my mind togetherJust when I got my mind together
68.Poor boy bluesPoor boy blues
69.Don't wake me upSteppin' out/I must be dreaming
70.They call me the breezeCall the breeze
71.Drinking problemDrinking problem
72.You may be rightWalk the line
73.I need more of youSomething in the water/Lindi shuffle
74.Don't be cruelCruel intensions/Don't be cruel
75.Thank God for the radioThank God for the radio/Why not me
76.Ride with meRide with me
77.All that heaven will allowAll heavens allows / Heavenly 
78.Cabo San LucasCabo San Lucas / Pacifico 
79.Tropical depressionTropical depression
80.You never can tell ( C'est la vie )Just wright
81.Why not tonightSway/Oklahoma wind
82.Heart of stone American dream / Hearts of stone
83.Gotta get a litlle crazyA little crazy
84.Stories we could tellStories we could tell/Forever  history
85.Sultans of swingCannibals / California coast
86.Drivin' my life awayBocepush
87.Judy likes to rockJudy likes to rock
88.Lover pleaseLover please come back
89Is anybody going to San AntoneIs anybody going to San Antone
90.Remember whenWhere we've been
91.I need a breatherTake a breather
92.Red hot SalsaRed hot Salsa
93.Lovin' all nightWishfull thinking
94.Livin' on loveLivin' on love
95.Back in my arms againMexifest
96.The losing side of meWinners & losers
97.Come early morningJoana
98.Vertical expressionCha cha rock / Vertical expressions
99.Reasons to quitSmokey places
100.She's in love with a rodeo manShe's in love with a rodeo man
101.I mightMaybe I could
102.Southern streamlineStreamline
103.Overnight succesOvernight succes
104.No particular place to goBoogie dans
105.Honky tonk bluesHonky Tonk Stomp
106.Blue moon nightsBlue moon shuffle
107.Country roadsCountry  Roads
108.Motorcycle cowboyFoolish head
109.My VeronicaMy Veronica
110.If you only knewIf you only knew
111.Blueberry hillThe sway
112.It's all going to pot All going to pot
113.God blessed TexasGod blessed Texas
114.Ring of fireSheriff on fire
115.Dinero16 Steps/Caliente
116.You know what I mean Boogie dans
117.I like it  I love itKickin' country
118.There goes my heart Piece of pie
119.I'm readyRock and roll bride
120.That's the way love goes 
121.Billy B BadBilly make it easy/ Do what boogie 
122.Misery and gin 
124.You never knowYou never know / Alligator Rock
125.Four acesCool chick
126. Country down to my soulCountry Soul
127.Ol' Country singerHeart of an angel
128.That's all right MamaThat's alright
129.Cotton fieldsCottonfield
130.Green RiverGreen river/Come on to green river
131.Let's twist againDon't forget/Life changes/Remember when
132.Lucky lipsLucky lips/Lucky lips are never blue
134.Proud MaryProud Mary/Rollin' on the river
135.Old time rock and rollFunky sole
136.We're here to stayLike Coca Cola in Hollywood 
137.Where corn don't growCorn don't grow
138.On the road againOn the road/Back on the floor again
139Twist a Saint-TropezBoogie dans/Twist
140.The best part of the day is the nightDay and night
141.Baby your BabyBaby your baby/Don't make her cry
142.Garden partyLittle garden party/Garden party
143.A love worth waiting for A love worth wating 4
144.I should have been trueForever true / Shirley's shuffle
145.Land of enchantmentThe sway / Enchantmen
146.Memphis TennesseeMemphis Rock